SchoolSchool Transport Management System

School Transport Management Systems is mainly used for Parents to ensure the safety and security of children by getting the real time information of their child's school vehicle. School Transport Management System deals with major concerns like optimize usage of the school buses, safety of children, long waiting hours, and driving pattern. Through this system, we will assign username and password to the parents to access the information about their children and they will receive SMS as a confirmation of pickup and drop. School Transport Management System also gives alert incase of harsh driving, over speed, breakdowns or accidents. School Transport Management System helps the school management to aware of the number of students travelling in school bus to optimize the operation.

Features of School Transport Management System:

  • Real time information about Student and Vehicles.
  • Providing GPS safety and security to Vehicles and Students.
  • Automated SMS alerts to Parents.
  • Generate various MIS Reports.
  • View the Compliance details and Alert details for both Vehicle and Driver.
  • Student, Parents, Vehicle and Drivers data can be stored.
  • Benefits of School Transport Management System:
  • Parents can save time by avoid waiting in bus stop.
  • Parents can monitor student's attendance.
  • School can optimize the vehicle utilization.
  • Emergency situations can easily handled

employee transportEmployee Transport Management System

STARTRACKER provide an optimized solution for Employee Transport Management System. This web enabled application is used to create and maintain the shuttle services and cab services for employees. Employee Transport Management System helps to monitor the in‐board and out‐board status of employee in real time.

SMS facility available in this system, through SMS employ will receive the driver name and arrival time of cab. Geo-fence capability of the system will give alert in case of cab deviations from the designated routes, In case of violations, RED ALERTS are triggered. Employee transport management system generates MIS reports.

Vehicle Allocation System is the part of Employee transport management system which is used to optimize the vehicle capacity and obtain the shortest route. Vehicle Allocation System dynamically creates the route for CAB services.

Features of Employee Transport Management System:

  • Real time tracking of vehicle and employees.
  • Reduced cost through optimization of routes and the vehicle capacity.
  • Improves safety and security of the Employee especially during night journey.
  • MIS reports helps increase the fleet utilization.
  • (VAS) system helps out optimize the vehicle capacity and obtain the shortest route.
  • Allow the users to inquire the vehicle location using SMS TOOLS.
  • Benefits of Employee Transport Management System
  • Reduces and Computes per head cost for transportation.
  • Send SMS/ email alerts on creation of the routes to respective employees indicating the vehicle number to be boarded in.
  • Generate SMS alerts while the cab reaching to pick/drop locations, provides the real time information.
  • The user need not be familiar to all the pick/drop locations
  • Provides date, journey, distance wise reports etc

employee cabEmployee's Cab Allocation System

Providing transport services to the employees has become essential by an organization. With today's stress, this facility helps the employee to reach the work place without hassles. Moreover mass transportation brings down the cost as well as reduces pollution within the city. The biggest challenge faced by the transport team is to provide services seamlessly without any hassles and ensure safety of the employees. At the same time the mantra is cost saving, hence the only method to bring down the cost is to optimize the routes with respect to the vehicle seating capacity and identify the shortest path to pick/drop locations. The Cab Allocation System (CAS) has the ability to dynamically create the rooster with current logins request for CAB services for scheduled or unscheduled trips.


  • Web enabled easy to use application.
  • The user need not be familiar to all the pick/drop locations.
  • Send SMS/ email alerts on creation of the routes to respective employees indicating the vehicle number to be boarded in.
  • Provides the real time information and computes per head cost for transportation.
  • Provides date, journey, distance wise reports etc.
  • Generate SMS alerts while the cab reaching to pick/drop locations.

fleet 1Fleet Management Solutions

Fleet Management solution helps to monitoring the location, movements, status and behavior of a vehicle or fleet of vehicles in real time which is called as TelemStar Trackers. Fleet management Solutions improves vehicle efficiency and productivity. Fleet management Solutions reduces operational expenses and overall transportation cost . Fleet management Solutions helps to schedule the vehicle route and optimize its usage. Fleet management solution generates customized MIS reports.

Features of Fleet Management Solutions:

  • Fleet Management Tool reduces cost, improves driver management and asset safety..
  • Real time information about location information of vehicle.
  • Monitoring of entire fleets and can perform related action such as plotting, active tracking, Trip replay and polling.
  • MIS reports help improving performance of fleet.
  • Benefits of Fleet Management Solutions.
  • Reduces Fleet operational expenses.
  • Generates Customized MIS reports
  • Reduces fuel usage
  • Improved Fleet productivity
  • Improves safety of fleet.
  • Route scheduling & optimization

mobile resouMobile Resources Management (MRM)

MRM is a powerful Mobile Resource Management platform designed for logistics companies and fleet operators. MRM is used to reduce operational and maintenance costs, increase mobile resource utilization, efficiently plan, schedule delivery and service assignment and overall enhance mobile resource safety.

The aim of the Mobile Resources Management Module is to provide Fleet Logistics Operations with Decision Support Tools that are used during planning to optimally achieve the following aspects:

Using statistical historical data that will aid in better and more accurate route planning and a view of the 'Actual vs. Planned' Route in order for timely (real-time) actions to take place and manage delivery vs. performance


  • Reduce unscheduled maintenance costs.
  • Lower fuel expenses.
  • Improved time and task management.
  • Greatly improve driver productivity and safety.
  • Increase customer satisfaction significantly.
  • Monitor the condition of cargo to prevent loss.
  • Route optimization
  • Effectively captures and schedules tasks for resources.

boatBoat Tracking System

Boat Tracking Systemis used to track the boat movement and status in real time. This system indicates the Sea Conditions, Danger Zone and Boundary Alert which are useful at the time of rescue operation. In this system user can create Geo-Fences, store the data like Boat Licenses, Driver Licenses and Fitness Certificates etc, Boat tracking system will generate red alerts when Board In exceeds the boat capacity. Boat Tracking System generates MIS report.

Features of Boat tracking System:

  • The users can monitor the speed and distance of the boat anywhere anytime in real time.
  • System indicates the Sea Conditions and SOS signals with LOCATIONS to the user.
  • Danger Zone and Boundary Alert are indicated to users
  • Stores the details like Boat Licenses, Driver Licenses and Fitness Certificates.
  • System generates MIS report to the users
  • Benefits of Boat Tracking System;
  • The system grants adequate safety for the tourists.
  • Integrate Passenger Information Systems inside the Boat.
  • GEO-FENCES to define the Boundary of operations can easily be monitored.
  • MIS reports help in measuring the performance of the Crew.
  • The user need not be familiar to all the pick/drop locations
  • Increases the Tourism Revenue by obtaining actual information

driverDriver Management

Driver Management is to capture and monitor the drivers' information in real time. Real time performance of drivers and vehicle can be measured by the users. In Driver Management System, users can set drivers to active and inactive state by entering data and monitor them. The accelerometer device component within the hub device can be used to detect the reckless driving by drivers. Reports based on the performance of the drivers can be generated which helps in measuring the performance of the drivers in real time and within a period.

Features of Driver Management:

  • Users can maintain a perfect drivers list.
  • Users can define the Drivers group.
  • Drivers driving activity summary is generated.
  • Idle and inactive drivers can be monitored.
  • Drivers driving trends with previous trends can be compared.
  • Shows Upward and Downward trends of drivers group.
  • Benefits of Driver Management:
  • Real time monitoring of drivers made easy.
  • Reports are generated.
  • Cost and Time management is made optimized in real time.
  • User and driver communication is made easy.
  • Users' safety and satisfaction is achieved.

equipmentHeavy Equipment and Construction Equipment Tracking.

Track and pinpoint the location of your heavy equipment and construction equipment with STARTRACKER. Besides helping reduce theft and improving recovery, this system provides you with the ability to maintain better control of your assets so they can be allocated in the most effective and profitable manner. Whether it's a backhoe or a front end loader, a large generator or cement mixer, your equipment is at risk if you can't track their location. You'll know if a piece of equipment is where it should be or if it's traveling. STARTRACKER will provide you with ability to know in real time where each asset is or is not. You'll be able to know when a piece of equipment arrives at a job site and when or if it is moved. Improve asset management while deterring theft.

Always knowing where your equipment is, in real time, allows you to more effectively manage and schedule it without delay in the most profitable manner. No more wondering where specific equipment might be when you can accurately see where they actually are simply by going online, anytime. So no matter whether your equipment has a power source or not, STARTRACKER can help you track it. We have the solution for you!

Features of Heavy Equipment Tracking: If you're into Heavy Equipment & Construction Equipment, here's what the STARTRACKER can mean to you

  • Track billable hours in use.
  • Know hours of employee equipment operation.
  • Pinpoint exactly when someone turns the equipment ignition or or off.
  • Improve equipment safety
  • Reduce theft
  • In the event of theft, locate the equipment
  • GPS tracking may reduce insurance rates
  • By setting Work Week/Hours of Use you can prevent unauthorized use
  • Immediate Alerts sent by Email or Text when you specify events such as movement, arrival, ignition, etc
  • Improve dispatchers ability to allocate equipment through knowledge of equipment location
  • Improve job site routing of equipment
  • Improve accountability of equipment operator
  • Improve productivity of employees
  • Control fuel costs due to excess idling
  • Increase profits though improved control of company assets

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